Server Rules

§ 1 - General

(1) These rules were made in consent with the server administration. Changes to these rules are immediatetly effective and apply to all players.
(2) Players have to inform themselves regularly about changes to these rules. Not knowing about new rules does not save you from a punishment.
(3) With registering an account every players automatically agrees to the current and all following rules.
(4) Players have to obey these rules and report every violation to a staff member.
(5) All accounts and their characters are the property of Entropia.
(6) Donations are entirely voluntary.


§ 2 - Punishment

(1) We are generally looking forward to a polite and respectful community. This means, we want to avoid any form of punishment and only take action if needed.
(2) The punishments we impose do always have a reason and are relative to the violation.
(3) Possible punishments are: temporary/permanent chat lockout, being disconnected from the game, temporary/permanent ban.
(4) While an account is under punishment, the player loses all entitlements to the punished account.


§ 3 - Account Ownership

(1) All accounts and their contents are property of the server.
(2) We claim the right to temporarily take over accounts to investigate a possible violation to the rules.


§ 4 - Social

(1) We wish for a peaceful, polite and respectul way of social interaction on our server.
(2) Therefore, it is not allowed to harass, denounce, provoke or threaten any other player. This rule applies to all channels of communication.
(3) Sharing or linking to any content that contains pornographic, violent, racist or damaging content is prohibited on all channels of communication.
(4) Any form of spamming is forbidden.


§ 5 - Item refunds

(1) We generally do not refund any items if the player is responsible for the loss. This means, that in the following cases, we will not refund:
Fraud when trading
Accidentally removed/sold the wrong item
Missing upgrade scrolls (e.g. Scroll of SProtect)
Loss by ingame mail
Loss by guild bank
Account sharing
(2) Furthermore, we are not responsible for any item losses due to technical server issues we are not responsible for. Those are:
- Rollbacks/Server Crashes caused by players
- ISP connection problems


§ 6 - Staff

(1) Escpecially towards staff members everyone should behave polite, honest and factual.
(2) We claim the right to punish any denounciation of the server administration or ranting about how the server's gameplay is designed.
(3) Never claim to be a member of the Entropia staff if you are not.
(4) Claiming to personally know a staff member for personal advantage will result in a punishment.
(5) Do not ask the staff for free items/penya. They are not allowed to trade. Repeatedly asking for items/penya will result in a punishment.
(5.1) While in closed/open beta, the staff is allowed to hand out items in a mannered fashion and for a reason. Also, for testings purposes items can be given out to users. Note: This rule will not apply after release and is only for closed/open beta state.


§ 7 - Ingame fraud

(1) Every player has to check, if the items in the trade window are the correct ones beforehand. If anyone loses items due to a fraud, we are not responsible for it and will neither take action nor refund any items.


§ 8 - Account sharing

(1) You may share accounts at your own risk.
(2) If your accounts takes damage or is punished due to illegal activity while being shared with others, we will not refund any items, since the account owner himself is responsible for this damage.
(3) If you are not the Owner of the Shared Account which you get and steal the items without the confirmation of the real owner to be allowed to trade those item from that Account, we will lock every of your Accounts.


§ 9 - Third party trading

(1) It is strongly forbidden to sell or trade any virtual goods on Entropia to other players for other currencies than the ingame ones.
(2) It is strongly forbidden to offer any virtual goods on third party websites.
(3) Any attempt on third party trading will result in a permanent ban for the seller as well as the buyer.


§ 10 - Bugs, Exploits, Third Party Software, Duping

(1) Discovered bugs and exploits must be instantly reported to a staff member via in-game chat, Discord or Ticket.
(2) Exploiting bugs or errors in game and will result in a permanent ban.
(3) Programs or tools which give a player advantages over others or are used for automization are forbidden.
*Update - 23.03.2019: You will get Banned for Bot using permanently! We will not give a second chance anymore!
(3.1) Exception to rule (3): The so-called "F-Tool" is allowed in dungeons to make your character use abilites automatically. Every other form of automatization e.g. afk farming or leveling will be punished
(4) Any kind of duping (duplicating items via using a bug) is forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.


§ 11 - Other restrictions

(1) It it not allowed to circumvent a permanent ban from the game by creating a new account. If anything like this gets discovered, the new account will also be permanently banned. No exceptions.
(2) Advertising other servers or games is forbidden.
(3) Multiple votes on the same account on is forbidden. Violating this rule will result in a loss of vote points or even harder punishment. Also don't use other Accounts from you! It is only allowed to vote 1x a day per Person! No other devices!
(4) Any form of pushing Guild War (a.k.a. Guild Siege) or PvP Rumble (a.k.a. FFA) is prohibited. Pushing is defined as:
- Intentionally doing nothing or going afk to give other players more PvP tokens/kills
- Enterering the Guild War with multiple characters of your own and having them afk
(5) These additional rules apply to PvP Rumble (a.k.a FFA):
- Teaming up with players and not killing each other, only targeting other players
(6) The collector field has a limit of 10 characters per IP
- Bypassing this limit via root server/VPN/Proxy will result in a temporary or permanent ban of all accounts



Server Information
  • Server StatusOnline
  • Server Time07:09 PM
  • EXP RateCustom
  • Drop Rate8.000x
  • Penya Rate8.000x
  • CrownBobFamily
  • MvPVerus Protection Status