Patch-Notes: 29/04/2019 (English)

- The Easter Event 2019 has ended!
*The Easter Dungeon has been removed.
*The Easter Bunny (NPC) has been removed.
- Other characters can now be followed by targeting them and pressing the "Z" key.
- You can notify players by right-clicking on them and clicking "Send Message".
*This will open the /say window!
- The damage from the Trigrem Ruins & Ethral Garden monsters has been slightly reduced.
- The NPC beads will now last 21 days if you activate them.
- Kebaria furniture now lasts 21 days.
- The monsters in Aurania Temple now have melee attacks.
- The additional monsters spawned by the boss in the Magma Cave Dungeon now have a slightly lower block rate.
- The Invisible Walls and Port Zones in the Magma Cave Dungeon have been adjusted.
- The teleport area at the entrance from the Les Britania Dungeon has been removed.
- The Penya Strike animation has been accelerated by +50%.
- The Collector Power-Up Flasks now last 2 hours instead of one hour!
*If this is still not enough, use our Automatic. Power-Up function!
- The Black & White Power-Up Stones have been added to the Guild War Power-Up Box!
- Some crash and safety fixes have been added.
- Some adjustments/bugfixes to the balance group rights have been made.
- Some text adjustments in the English client.
- A new Seraph AoE skill has been added. (3rd job)

*Characters who are already level 175, can get this skill when they log in to Channel 3 once.
*After the next maintenance/restart, this skill is also there when you log in to other channels.
*The damage of this skill will be increased enormously in the next maintenance.

Further information:
- The coming days we will do more patches with QoL features, customizations and suggestions.
- Also some bugs in the dungeons will be fixed (e.g. the crash with the Gaia Dungeon, which sometimes occurs).
- The Automatic. Black market function will also be set up today for the future. (Further information will follow in our Discord Server)




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